Lynne R. Cashman Photographer: Cuba Revisited:  Up Front and Personal


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Deception Island has possibly been referred to by that name because the approach or entrance to the island was deceptive and sailors could not fully see it or even realized that it was there.

The other idea behind the name has been since it was a volcanic island. but explorers did not know this. and they were deceived.

Either way once you are on the island there is nothing deceptive about it.

One sees ash and volcanic rock beaches, long abandoned whaling boats and toppled houses that are no longer occupied.

A cemetery of two crosses marking graves of Norwegian whalers is seen on a snow covered hill.

An ice floe lies abandoned on the volcanic ash beach longing to return to the sea.

Faintly colored houses that have lost their vibrant paint to the harsh elements.

An abandoned airplane hangar filled with snow is highlighted by the light shining through the skylight windows.